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I first got into the underground music scene when I was about 13, my uncle gave me a tape recording of Kool fm, I must of rinsed that tape a million times, and I still have it to this day!!
During this time I started searching through the FM dial for all the pirate radio stations, (at the time there was loads) I really started to get into the UK garage music and 99.3 fm Upfront was my favourite, this was around 98/99.

I then got my first set of decks at 14, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but loved having the music I listened to on the radio in my hand on vinyl. My first load of vinyl I was ever given was by R. Lally from the D.E.A boys who was friends with my uncle. There must of been 30 plus vinyl, I was over the moon lol.
After leaving school I joined the army and life got in the way of mixing for many years, occasionally I would get the decks out and then end up putting them back in the loft.
So when it came to playing clubs or anything I never had the chance, I was a bedroom dj and I excepted that.

Fast forward to 2018.. I decided I was going to get back into mixing properly. I dusted off the old decks, built a unit for it and all the vinyl I had collected over the years and started Djing again. At this point I had been a bit of a silent listener to playback for a while, eventually texting in and becoming not so silent anymore lol.

I just loved the banter and the feel of a proper community within the station and its listerners.

Fast forward to 2022 and I’ve now got my own show and am absolutely loving it. Let’s see what the next few years hold for me.

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