UK Garage


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Wednesday 16:00 trending_flat 18:00
Saturday 16:00 trending_flat 18:00

Music has always been a huge passion for me.


From my early teenage years when I discovered jungle/DnB through to today where I play all genres of dance music. Give me a big bassline and wicked vocals and I’m hooked.


After coming away from vinyl DJ’ing for many years I’m thriving on playing records again, To track down a tune I love and own a physical record is very special to me


I always enjoyed record shopping, From my early days at Bluebird in Bromley then Croydon with weekly visits to Big Apple, Swag, Wax City and Beano’s (Who remembers?!)


I’ve played various venues over the years with a residencies in Croydon and currently at ‘My Place’ in Beckenham, I love to see people enjoying the music.


Being a DJ on Playback and sharing my passion for music with the Playback listeners means a lot to me and I’ll continue to track down and share dance music from the past, present and future that excites us all


See you on Wednesday 4-6pm



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